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Art, luxury and Sussex are a great property combination.

Town Houses
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home

Art and Property... a beautiful combination

Always drawn to new projects and interesting buildings, I have gained over 25 years experience sourcing and maintaining residential and commercial properties across England and Wales.  


Working in partnership

From renovation projects in period properties to having a large gallery built in partnership with a UK Bank, working together with an eye on quality and profit has been key.

Art has complimented property at every stage.


Practical Experience

My family company, Noble Nooks, is the right place to discuss investing in property.  Our practical knowledge ranges from medieval to modern in the most beautiful parts of the UK and across the South Coast. With our first residential investment properties (HMO) and refurbishments (FLIPS) in the 1990's to our recent experience in the luxury serviced accommodation market, we have broad experience across the property spectrum.


We maximise your property's potential.  We have built a staging and design team with experience in decoration, sourcing furniture and handling artwork, adding good design and beautiful art to our client's properties.

Get in touch and see how we can bring our experience to your vision.

Ashley Hyland, Director. Noble Nooks

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Get started with

Noble Nooks Investments

We work with ambitious individuals who are ready to start their property journey.  We work together to find the right project and provide support as they learn about staging, marketing and business relationships and begin their new business.  

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Looking for a good relationship

and peace of mind?

Noble Nooks Stays

In our luxury accommodation company, we specialise in working with property owners who live abroad or are ready to retire.  

Who stays with us? We look after corporate clients visiting Sussex, entrepreneurs and professionals in the cultural industries.  

Our Services

Grow Your Vision

At Noble Nooks, we believe in the power of property investment to transform lives and create beautiful spaces and places. We’re passionate about helping our clients build wealth through creative vision and a range of solutions, from residential investments to commercial ones. We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and to creating the most beautiful spaces and places in the world.  

Member of PIMS

Property Investors
Academy Member

Have confidence.


As a member of PIMS, the Property Investors Mediation Service, I am committed to providing a quality service.  

Selection for Academy Membership with Samuel Leeds Property Investors brings with it a team of seasoned property professionals and up to date training in inspection, estimating and investment.

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Noble Nooks trading as Noble Nooks Investments Limited

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